Empowering Underserved Women Groups.

In a small corner of our community, there is a group of remarkable women whose hands bring forth a touch of hope. They are single mothers and widows, strong and resilient, searching for a means to support themselves and their families. These hands, once burdened with hardship, have found solace and purpose in the art of soap packaging.

Supporting Education Relief For Orphans

At Kuwaha Naturals, we are more than just a Cosmetic skincare and ingridients hub. We are creating positive change and making a difference in the lives of children in need. Together with our partners, World Outreach Team Action (WOTA) and Global Orphan Relief, we have embarked on an incredible journey to provide education relief for orphans in rural North Western Zambia through WOTA's ICS-Child Care Plus Initiative.

Kuwaha Naturals' Impact on Beekeepers in North Western Zambia

We believe in transforming lives and communities. Our organic honey exports from the North Western Province of Zambia have become a beacon of hope and economic empowerment for over 800 local beekeeper beneficiaries each year.

Wrapped with Purpose: Kuwaha Naturals' Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our soap bars are wrapped in vibrant and eye-catching 'chitenge' fabric—a traditional textile widely used and appreciated throughout Zambia. This approach not only adds a touch of local authenticity to our products but also serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging. By choosing 'chitenge,' we're saying no to unnecessary plastic waste.

Kamfinsa Maximum Prison Soap Donations (December 2020)

To Celebrate The 2020 Christmas Festive Season, Kuwaha Naturals Partnered Up With Good News Prisons Ministry and Took a Step To Show Love To Our Brothers and Sisters Behind Bars, At The Kamfinsa Maximum Prison in Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, Zambia.
Kuwaha Naturals Donated Over 150KG’s of Soap Valued at K30,000; the soap benefited over 700 Inmates. Our hope in sharing this love package with our brothers and sisters was to remind them that they are loved and that society hasn’t forgotten them, but hopes to have them reformed and back so they can also begin to contribute towards social and economic development.
Apart from Kanfinsa Maximum Prison our soaps were also reached other correctional facilities like Mansa, Chingola & Senanga.
Our Kind gesture was made possible by the support of every individual and household that has chosen to impact their world by purchasing Kuwaha Naturals Products.

"...Let me be quick to say inmates at Mansa Correctional facility, Chingola Correctional facility, Lusaka Central facility and Senanga Correctional benefited from your donation. Some of our volunteers from Chingola, Kitwe, Ndola, Lusaka, Senanga and Mansa benefited from the offcuts you supplied. Inmates at Kanseshi Correction facility will benefit from your donation as well when a ministry trip is arranged."

– Fortunatus Mwenya
(Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Zambia National Director.)

Note of Thanks

We would like to appreciate the timely donation of Kuwaha natural soaps you presented to the inmates at Kamfinsa Male and Female Correctional Facilities through Good News Jail and Prison Ministry – Zambia in the presence of Dr. Mundemba from Kuwaha Naturals. Your support came at the right time in helping inmates maintain good hygiene which is usually threatened during this period of the year due to lack of body washing and care items.
Fortunatus Mwenya
-(Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Zambia National Director.)

People, Planet, Tomorrow.

Did you know?

We are a proud business for social impact enterprise and are actively engaging our communities.