Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Yes! Do you love Kuwaha Naturals? Do you tell friends and family about our products through social media, email, or your website? If so, we would love to partner with you through our online affiliate program! We love our customers and know that many of you love our products and are already telling others about us! We offer the opportunity for customers to promote our products on their own platforms, and receive a commission for products bought! This is a great opportunity for influencers, bloggers, or anyone with an engaged online presence.

We have so many amazing retail partners and agents around Zambia. You can use our agent locator to search for an agent near you!

Yes. To make it easier on our customers, Kuwaha Naturals processes payments from mtn and airtel mobile money.

Absolutely! Just head over to our Wholesale page and send us some information about your store.

While we may agree that both bars clean the skin, the similarity goes no further. There are major differences between natural handmade soaps and commercially produced bar soaps when you consider the ingredients, the manufacturing process, the environmental impact, the effect on your skin and I could go on and on.

We probably use the word “soap” every day to simply mean some sort of cleansing agent. What we do not realize is that most of what we call “soap” is actually not soap at all! Look at the label on your bar of commercial soap, shower gel, or facial cleanser. Is it called "soap" on the label, or is it a “beauty bar,” “cleansing bar,” or “deodorizing bar?”