Have you ever thought about selling products from home? Kuwaha Naturals offers great products that your customers,friends and family will love. Think about these questions; Do you love environmentally friendly products in your household to use on you and your loved ones? Would you love to earn extra income by selling natural, handcrafted products to your friends, family and social network? If your answer is yes, then there is a great chance you would do very well in selling Kuwaha Naturals handmade products. Luckily for you, selling products in your community and to those you love is not difficult and can be financially rewarding. What better way could there be to earn extra cash while you do something you really enjoy? Adding onto all their skin benefits, Kuwaha Naturals Soaps also have that magic ingredient most desired when selling something…. They are consumables! This means that while you grow your customer base you can resale over and over to the same people.

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In order to start selling Kuwaha Naturals products, you should have a small stock of soaps to show your customers. You can buy these soaps directly from us HERE at the wholesale discounted rate. Becoming a re-seller requires minimal 20 soap bar investment in your new business venture. Once you have your Kuwah Naturals Agent pack, you are ready to sell your products at the full price and keep the profit .

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Recommend a friend to join the Kuwaha Naturals Agent team and as an existing agent you get paid K100 when this person buys a Kuwaha Naturals Agent Pack. Agents will receive marketing resources such as product catalogue, e-Ads and product education through the agent portal. Agents will receive 3 samples for every 10 soap ordered to give to their potential clients.

That is all there is to it. Easy! Selling products within your social circle is a fun and rewarding sideline that is easy to set up and maintain. Besides which, you will now have affordable Kuwaha Naturals products to use for yourself and your family as well! There are many ways to start selling and no limitations. How much time and effort you put in depends on you. Here are some ideas:

  1. • There are many ways to start selling and no limitations. How much time and effort you put in depends on you. Here are some ideas:
  2. • Network among your colleagues, at kitchen parties, baby clinics, moms groups, church, school, your workplace.
  3. • Set up a table at local markets or shopping centres.
  4. • Get your family and friends involved in spreading the word about your new business venture.
  5. • Start a whatsapp group on which you can regularly contact your customers about their orders.
  6. • Invite friends for a coffee morning at your home and allow them to sample your soap before buying.

In no time you will build your network and start to see that network grow. Quality products and appreciated beyond all other mediocre products and once they’ve used Kuwaha Naturals Soap, your customers will be back to order more! Then they will tell their friends and family and your network of potential customers will grow and grow!