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Our Soap journey...

Each bar of soap you use is a symbol of the positive impact that widows and single mothers can make in their communities.

Our promise is to

1. Craft with quality.
2. Preserve our natural resources
3. Empower with confidence.

Organic & Ethical Ingredients

Kuwaha which means 'goodness' is derived from Zambia's indeginious Lunda language, for us it's a reminder of all the goodness that comes from taking the natural path to beauty, taste and adventure. We believe the best body care begins with the best ingredients. The best ingredients begin with those who cultivate them and the story of the land from which they come.

Best Sellers

❖ Tea tree Soap

244 reviews
✓ Proudly Zambian.


❖ Cinnamon Soap

192 reviews
✓ Proudly Zambian.


❖ Lemongrass Soap

207 reviews
✓ Proudly Zambian.


Why Kuwaha Naturals Soap?

Thoughtfully crafted, each bar invites you to reimagine your daily routine. The soaps natural aromatics will leave you feeling as if you've stepped into an open field in the heart of Zambia, Africa. Sunflower oil and organic beeswax provide a skin softening foundation and palm kernel oil creates a lather unparalleled by other soap bars. Paired with locally sourced essential oils, your skin is guaranteed to be reinvigorated. And if that isn't enough, your purchase empowers. We're about people; offering more and giving back.

Discover the magic of Kuwaha Naturals soap!


Our Impact. Your Impact